Copa America 2024: USA vs Bolivia Match Preview

The Copa America 2024 is set to captivate football fans worldwide, and one of the intriguing matches in the group stage will be between the United States and Bolivia. This matchup, set to take place on June 28, 2024, is generating significant buzz. Both teams have something to prove, and this encounter promises to be a thrilling spectacle.

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Historical Context

USA in Copa America

The United States Men’s National Soccer Team (USMNT) has participated in Copa America intermittently, with their best performance coming in 1995 when they reached the semifinals. More recently, the US hosted the Centenario edition in 2016 and advanced to the semifinals, eventually finishing fourth. The 2024 tournament marks another opportunity for the US to showcase their growth in international soccer.

Bolivia in Copa America

Bolivia, on the other hand, has a storied history in Copa America. They won the tournament in 1963 and were runners-up in 1997 when they hosted the event. Despite their past successes, Bolivia has struggled in recent editions, often failing to advance past the group stage. However, the team is known for its resilience and ability to surprise stronger opponents.

Team Analysis


The USMNT is experiencing a renaissance, with a new generation of players making their mark on the international stage. Key figures such as Christian Pulisic, Weston McKennie, and Sergiño Dest are leading this youthful squad. Under the guidance of coach Gregg Berhalter, the US has adopted a dynamic and attacking style of play.

  • Christian Pulisic: Often referred to as “Captain America,” Pulisic is the heart of the US attack. His ability to dribble past defenders, create chances, and score crucial goals makes him a player to watch.
  • Weston McKennie: McKennie’s versatility and midfield dominance are crucial for the US. He has the ability to break up opposition plays and contribute offensively.
  • Sergiño Dest: The Barcelona defender brings speed and skill to the US backline. His overlapping runs and defensive acumen add a significant dimension to the team.


Bolivia’s squad may not feature as many high-profile names, but it is built on teamwork and tactical discipline. The team’s strength lies in its midfield organization and counter-attacking prowess. Key players include Marcelo Moreno, the experienced forward, and Erwin Saavedra, a versatile midfielder.

  • Marcelo Moreno: Bolivia’s all-time leading scorer, Moreno is the focal point of their attack. His experience and goal-scoring ability are vital for Bolivia’s hopes.
  • Erwin Saavedra: Known for his work rate and passing ability, Saavedra is the engine of the Bolivian midfield. His contributions on both ends of the pitch are invaluable.
  • Carlos Lampe: The veteran goalkeeper is known for his shot-stopping ability and leadership at the back, crucial for Bolivia’s defensive solidity.

Tactical Overview

USA’s Approach

Gregg Berhalter favors a 4-3-3 formation, emphasizing high pressing, quick transitions, and width in attack. The US will likely look to dominate possession, utilizing their technical midfielders to control the tempo and create chances from wide areas. Pulisic and Gio Reyna are expected to provide creativity and flair, while the likes of McKennie and Tyler Adams ensure balance in midfield.

Defensively, the US will rely on a disciplined backline, with John Brooks and Walker Zimmerman forming a solid central defensive partnership. The full-backs, Dest and Antonee Robinson, will be tasked with supporting the attack while remaining vigilant against Bolivia’s counter-attacks.

Bolivia’s Approach

Bolivia is expected to adopt a more conservative 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 formation, focusing on defensive solidity and quick counter-attacks. Their midfield will aim to disrupt the US’s rhythm, with Saavedra and Leonel Justiniano working tirelessly to win back possession and launch swift counter-attacks.

Offensively, Bolivia will rely heavily on the experience of Marcelo Moreno to hold up the ball and bring others into play. They will look to exploit any defensive lapses by the US, particularly on the counter, where their pace and directness can be most effective.

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Key Battles

Christian Pulisic vs. Diego Bejarano

One of the most anticipated duels will be between Christian Pulisic and Bolivia’s right-back, Diego Bejarano. Pulisic’s dribbling and pace make him a constant threat, and Bejarano will need to be at his best to contain the Chelsea star. This battle on the flank could be decisive in determining the outcome of the match.

Weston McKennie vs. Erwin Saavedra

The midfield clash between McKennie and Saavedra will be crucial. McKennie’s box-to-box abilities and physical presence will be matched against Saavedra’s energy and technical skills. Whoever wins this midfield battle will likely control the game’s tempo.

Marcelo Moreno vs. John Brooks

Marcelo Moreno’s experience and goal-scoring prowess will be a stern test for John Brooks. The American defender will need to use his physicality and defensive intelligence to keep Moreno in check. This duel will be critical in determining Bolivia’s ability to threaten the US goal.

Match Predictions

Given the current form and squad strengths, the USMNT enters the match as favorites. Their youthful exuberance, coupled with the experience of key players, gives them an edge. However, Bolivia’s tactical discipline and counter-attacking threat cannot be underestimated.

  1. Possession Battle: The US is likely to dominate possession, with their midfield trio orchestrating play. Bolivia will sit deep, looking to frustrate the US and hit on the counter.
  2. Defensive Resilience: Bolivia’s defense, marshaled by Carlos Lampe, will need to be at its best to withstand the US’s attacking onslaught. The key for Bolivia will be to maintain their shape and prevent Pulisic and Reyna from finding space.
  3. Set Pieces: Set pieces could play a significant role in this match. The US has aerial threats like Brooks and Zimmerman, while Bolivia will rely on Moreno’s positioning and experience.

Potential Line-ups


Formation: 4-3-3

  • Goalkeeper: Matt Turner
  • Defenders: Sergiño Dest, Walker Zimmerman, John Brooks, Antonee Robinson
  • Midfielders: Weston McKennie, Tyler Adams, Yunus Musah
  • Forwards: Gio Reyna, Christian Pulisic, Ricardo Pepi


Formation: 4-5-1

  • Goalkeeper: Carlos Lampe
  • Defenders: Diego Bejarano, Adrián Jusino, Jairo Quinteros, Roberto Fernández
  • Midfielders: Leonel Justiniano, Erwin Saavedra, Juan Carlos Arce, Moisés Villarroel, Ramiro Vaca
  • Forward: Marcelo Moreno


The USA vs. Bolivia match in Copa America 2024 is more than just a group stage encounter; it is a clash of styles, ambitions, and footballing philosophies. For the US, it’s an opportunity to assert themselves as a growing force in international soccer. For Bolivia, it’s a chance to upset the odds and demonstrate their resilience on the big stage. 

Fans can expect a contest filled with passion, tactical battles, and moments of individual brilliance. As the teams prepare to face off, the anticipation continues to build for what promises to be a memorable encounter in the heart of South America.

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