Pure Perfection: The World of Loose Diamonds

Diamonds are cut to obtain many shapes and faceted to catch the imagination of people for centuries with their glittering look related to money, affection, and rank. Looking at different forms of diamonds, it could be said that free diamonds are in a special category in the field of gems. Uncut diamonds are those diamonds that are sold in bodily form that is they are bought without any word or any restriction as to how they should be incorporated in a piece of jewelry. This piece focuses on loose diamonds and seeks to explain their attributes and the process of buying them.

Understanding Loose Diamonds

Export refers to untoward diamonds which are diamonds that have been cut and processed for sale but that are not fitted in jewelries. They are most appreciated for the reasons that they can be set depending on the person’s desire. There is a wide range of sizes, shapes, and qualities of loose diamonds in existence, and thus makes the gemstone to be useful in the creation of personalized jewelry.

Benefits of Buying  Loose Diamonds

The approach of obtaining loose diamonds presents the following benefits:

  1. Customization: It allows the consumers to create their individual pieces of the jewelry since loose diamonds are available. Following advantages can be attributed to the use of loose diamonds When incorporated in any design in the engagement ring, pendant or the earrings they make them unique.
  2. Quality Control: Unlike the case of the buyer buying an engagement ring or any jewelry that has the diamonds embedded in it the loose diamonds can be moved around in front of the buyer and this will ensure that the buyer gains a very rich appreciation of the quality of the said diamond. This is usually a tad difficult to effect on diamonds that have already been incorporated in jewelry.
  3. Value for Money: Due to their popularity for being fashion accessories, loose diamonds are slightly cheaper compared to pre-set jewelry items. Here, it is a win-win situation for the buyer, because they do not pay for the skill of the setters and can opt for the services of different professionals to set the diamond.
  4. Investment Potential: Their impurities are such that high quality of diamonds in their raw form may be a smart investment. It is easy to store them and normally their market value rises by time especially if it is a rare diamond or a big diamond.

How to Buy Loose Diamonds.

Purchasing loose diamonds is something serious that one needs to know. Here are some steps to ensure a successful purchase: Here are some steps to ensure a successful purchase:

  1. Research: The Four Cs and the existing markets should be studied in detail. That is why comprehending what gives a diamond value will enable you to arrive at a sound decision.
  2. Certification: That is why each time one is buying the diamond it should be certified to confirm that what he/she is buying is real. After that, one can take the diamond to a certified diamond laboratory like GIA or AGS for certification; this certification will state on the clarity, carat weight among other things that will further affirm that the diamond is real.
  3. Budget: The practice of how many pounds and pence are to be spent in realization of this great dream must be planned well before you get to the stores. Knowledge of your budget will be of assistance in determining which of the chairs to buy and which are a waste of money thereby preventing embarrassments of overspending.
  4. Reputable Sellers: In this regard, it is advised that people purchase jewelry from known jewelries or from people who have a reputation of selling the real jewelries. The old rule of consuming reputed dealers that have received some good feedback in the market should always be followed. Sites like Blue Nile or James Allen also have great selections of certified loose diamonds.
  5. Inspection: In such a case, try to examine the diamond in question and make the evaluation in person if that is at all possible. In the case where the diamond is being bought online ensure that the vendor offers pictures or even a video of the chosen diamond.
  6. Return Policy: It helps to be certain that the seller has a good return policy. This provides a degree of protection in the event that the diamond does not look to your liking once received.


Diamonds may be regarded as the symbol of freedom because in a loose form they are equal to the freedom itself. They give the opportunity to possess a fragment of nature’s creation, which can be turned into an individual and, at the same time, a romantic statement of glamor. Being aware of the Four Cs and referring to the guidelines of purchasing, the buyers will be satisfied with their choice and have a diamond that will remain dear for the entire life. Whether as an asset class or as a mark of a significant event, loose diamonds remain to this day as fascinating as ever.

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