Xổ Số MB66 – Place Bets Conveniently, Win Big Every Day

Have you experienced MB66 Lottery? Surely you will feel excited when betting on lottery in our system. With many diverse betting forms and much higher winning rates than traditional lotteries, you will no longer worry about reputation issues.

Overview of MB66 Lottery

Xổ Số MB66 is one of the first online entertainment betting games on this house’s platform, created to meet the needs of a large number of players in Southeast Asia. When participating in a game similar to real life, players will choose numbers from 00 to 99. We provide many forms of play such as North – Central – South 3 lottery, Keno, super speed and electric lottery Vietlott math.

Introducing Asia’s leading Lottery MB66

Lottery betting halls MB66 owns

Our house integrates many different MB66 Lottery play rooms. Over the time we have been operating, we have noticed a number of outstanding betting halls attracting thousands of players every day. Therefore, MB66 Lottery will continue to develop and improve these betting halls.


Those who love super-fast MB66 Lottery and like to bet on green and nine should come to this betting hall. MB66 has integrated many types of super-fast lottery, each betting round only lasts from 20 to 30 minutes. Surely you will like it because you don’t have to wait all day for a prize draw.


This is one of the most prominent betting halls at MB66 Lottery. Players can bet on lottery stations from North to South of Vietnam as well as lottery prizes from many other countries. The special thing that everyone is interested in is the payout rate. For traditional lotteries with 3 regions, the winning odds are up to 1 to 95 and 99 times.


A unique form of play at MB66 Lottery is Keno with simple rules. The dealer uses 80 balls numbered from 01 to 80 then draws the prize and randomly selects 20 balls as the result of the betting round. Each round of play only lasts 2 minutes. Betting options include:

Over: Predict the total score of 20 balls from 820 or more

Under: Predict a total score of 819 or less

The equivalent bonus is 0.95 times a bet of 1. There are also other betting options such as Even/Odd, Over/Under, Dragon/Draw/Tiger, five elements Metal/Wood/Water/Fire/Earth.

Keno always has appeal with its simple gameplay


Bingo is a betting game originating from the West that requires at least two participants. Players record the predicted numbers and compare them with the results announced by the house. This operation is repeated until the numbers match to form a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row. In particular, this game version helps players practice creative thinking and memory ability.

Incentives when participating in MB66 Lottery

In addition to a variety of betting games, MB66 also has many attractive incentives for players. Promotions are constantly updated to bring economic benefits to customers.

Deposit money to receive lucky money

Every day, MB66 members only need to deposit 300 points or more to participate in the red envelope draw. The highest reward is up to 66,666 points with a maximum limit of 5 times/day. Immediately after depositing, click on the red envelope icon in the corner of the screen to receive your reward. The system will automatically update the bonus amount to the account’s main wallet. To withdraw money, customers only need to bet one full round.

Always 0.6% promotion when depositing money

When members deposit 10 points or more and bet on the Lottery MB66 you will receive a bonus of up to 0.6% for each deposit with unlimited benefits in terms of number of times and amount of money. The special thing is that you only need to bet one round to be able to withdraw money. For example, if you deposit 1000K into your account you will receive 1000K original and 0.6% bonus which is 1006 points. To withdraw money, the total bet must reach 1006 points.

Promotion is unlimited in time and deposit amount

Weekly cumulative recharge

All MB66 members, when depositing money and placing bets from Monday to Sunday every week with a deposit amount of 300 points or more and betting revenue reaching 5 times the deposit amount, have the opportunity to receive weekly accumulated points. The total accumulated points are calculated from Monday to Sunday. For example, if you deposit 50,000 points and your betting turnover reaches 5 times your deposit, you will receive 588 cumulative bonus points. To receive rewards, members log in to their account, go to “Lucky Envelopes” and click “Receive”. The reward is valid for 7 days from the time the lucky money is distributed, after which it will no longer be valid. 


After reading this article, you have more interesting information about MB66 Lottery hall. Join now to receive offers and try your chance to win.

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